Data generation for precision medicine and its opposite

Coral's technologies significantly reduce the costs of data generation for precision medicine. These technologies have fueled our Reef, one of the largest living repositories of diverse human biology.

We focus on autoimmune diseases. In 2020, autoimmune medication spend exceeded $77B in the U.S. Unfortunately, patients go through a lengthy trial and error process of finding a medication, if any, that works for them. In addition to developing clinical tests which predict medication response, we're pioneering anti-precision medicine as an approach to improve existing therapies.

Three pillars for

Coral's approach

Low cost assays for data generation

Industry leading COGS (5-fold savings) for clinical exome, gene panel sequencing, and genotyping. Scalable workflows for primary cell genomic assays.

New clinical tests

Developing tests that predict response to autoimmune medications and improve cardiovascular disease risk predictions.

Anti-precision medicine

Creating drugs that improve response rates of existing therapies towards a "one drug, all patients" paradigm.

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Equitable precision medicine

Anti-precision medicine